​2021 Bathroom Trends: Get that bathroom glow up

​2021 Bathroom Trends: Get that bathroom glow up

Published by Anna Schmalz on Aug 12th 2021

After a long day at work, nothing is more soothing and relaxing than a quiet shower. In recent years, there has been a dynamic trend in bathroom innovation or remodels.

Follow this guide to see how you can upgrade your traditional bathroom to a high-end, modern design:


Vanities are a great place to put all of that makeup and then some. If you have a smaller bathroom, organize the area with built-in shelves and under sink storage. With a little creativity, you can still have an organized, clean vanity.


Plants in the bathroom are a great way to freshen up your surroundings, and they also provide you with an extra boost of oxygen while simultaneously removing toxins from the air. Since your bathroom is usually humid, plants will easily flourish and add depth.


Step into the light—literally. Natural lighting in a bathroom, with windows or skylights overhead, can make for an experience that is both relaxing and empowering. 2021 Bathrooms in some ways are practical to let you save electricity while spending comfort in luxury.


The dark walls are on another level of classy vibes. Pairing this design with natural lighting would create the perfect balanced aesthetic in your bathroom. This design is perfect for black lovers and those who find solitude in the dark.


The future of bathroom design is looking brighter than ever. Undeniably, the walls harmonize the aura of each bathroom design. Inserting walls in the matter, Diamond Coat can be your top negotiable partner in the trend. Diamond Coat can be your partner in achieving that real bathroom aesthetics. With the changing needs and expectations of the customers, we are constantly rethinking how to be a good partner in their lives by providing a place where they can relax, refresh themselves, or even get some work done. 

Want to glow up your shower, but don’t have enough money or time? Why not try a resurfacing product such as Metallic Wall Epoxy from Countertop Epoxy. This kit makes it very easy to coat directly over your existing shower wall. Even coat right over tile and never clean a grout line again!