White Liquid Pigment

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Liquid Pigment are designed to be mixed with FX Poxy as a coloring additive for tinting epoxy only and to be used in your epoxy base coat for your countertop, bartop or table top. Liquid Pigment are 100% compatible with our Premium Clear FX Poxy and will not affect its high UV resistance. Use of other colorants that may be incompatible with our Premium Clear FX Poxy Epoxy and have unknown UV resistance is not recommended. It's advised, with a dominantly white coating, to take extra caution with direct heat, including slow-cookers, pressure cookers, or anything that might produce direct heat to the surface for longer periods of time. We recommend using a hot pad for extra protection to prevent any discoloring.

Liquid Pigment have an expected shelf life of about 1 year, if stored correctly. 

*One Liquid Pigment (12oz) to 2 gallons of Premium Clear FX Poxy.

NOTE: Liquid Pigment only cures when mixed into epoxy. It will not dry if applied on its own. Not to be used for painting

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