Urethane Instructions

Application Instructions - Before applying product, be sure your surface is free of dust, leaves, excess sand etc. After mixing parts A and B of your urethane, add 50-70% xylene to your mixture, if applying over FX Gloss. If applying over SuperTraxx, add 100-130% xylene. When applying urethane to Outdoor Flex, use a roller with 1/2 inch or greater nap. This will help pick up the product and make it easy to spread, as foam rollers do not effectively distribute urethane on textured surfaces.

When applying urethane to FX, use a foam roller, as a nap roller will leave the product too thick. For both applications, pour product into pan, rather than directly to surface. Begin to spread evenly, then cross roll. This will even out the product to prevent puddles and thick spots. Be sure not to let product to sit in a pile, as it will soak in and create a darker spot. When desired amount of product is on surface, work that product right away. Be sure to work slowly and methodically in a cross rolling pattern to be sure product is as even as possible. 

Coverage is 250-500 square feet per gallon of urethane. Product applied too thickly will result in foaming, cloudy/milky appearance, and/or tacky spots.