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Advanced Epoxy Resin Workshops

Posted by Madison Ragar on

We recently have begun to offer two-day Advanced Workshops! Our four day workshops are great to get an understanding of the application of all our products, but it’s hard to fit in the minor details of each product when you’re trying to cover all of them! Our advanced classes go more in-depth into one specific product, allowing the time to learn every little tip and trick of prep, application, and beyond. The building process is one of the most important parts, at our Advanced Workshop you will learn how to create surfaces such as countertops and trim, leveling out concrete, sanding preparation, and sealing wood floors. Each Advanced Workshop pours a large job to give you experience on what it’s like to cover a vast area with the product, and give you the confidence to tackle big square footage jobs. If you have already taken a Countertop Epoxy Workshop, our Advanced Workshops are free to you! Contact our customer service representatives and they will be more than happy to get you signed up. 

Each date will go over a single product for the entire two days, so make sure you sign up for the correct dates that go over the product you’re looking to expand your knowledge on! We are excited to host more detailed classes and be able to answer any questions you may have to make you more successful in your future undertakings.

Questions? Call us at 970.639.9338 or email us at info@countertopepoxy.com and we will give you any information you may need!

Upcoming workshops:

July 24 th -25 th Flooring

August 10 th -11 th Countertops

September 11 th -12 th Wall Systems

October 23 rd -24 th Super Traxx

November 13 th -14 th Flooring

January 8 th -9 th Countertops

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